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Goran Vlaović scored the team's first goal at a major tournament, a late winner against Turkey at the City Ground in Nottingham in their first group match at Euro 96 . [30] After their opening victory, Croatia beat reigning champions Denmark 3–0, [31] but went on to lose against Portugal by the same scoreline in their final group fixture. [32] Croatia still advanced to the knockout stage, but were beaten in the quarter-finals 1–2 by Germany , who went on to win the tournament. [33]

Miljenko "Dino" Dvornik (August 20, 1964 – September 7, 2008) was a Croatian King & singer, songwriter, music producer, actor and reality television star. A son of renowned Croatian actor Boris Dvornik, Dino Dvornik was born in Split, Croatia. He and his elder brother, Dean Dvornik, would play alongside their father in mainstream 1970s movies and TV shows. These included Naše malo misto (Our Little Place), Mater (Mother) (1976), Hajdučka vremena (Daredevil's Time) (1977), Priko sinjeg mora (Over the Great Sea… read more

Rua vjetrova (Wind rose) is a Croatian television soap opera. The show was created by Dinko Paleka and first broadcast on RTL Televizija on 29 August 2011. Rua vjetrova is an original idea ... See full synopsis  »

The Croatia national football team (Croatian: Hrvatska nogometna reprezentacija) represents Croatia in international football. The team is controlled by the Croatian ...

Dino Dvornik BestDino Dvornik BestDino Dvornik BestDino Dvornik Best